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Finder Publications is a haven for the young in age or at heart, for fresh or seasoned, published or unpublished writers. So, if  you have written a great piece that you would like to share with the world, you have come to the right place.

At Finder Publications, our aim is to do all you need and all we can to help take your ideas and turn them into a book that lasts generations.

Every author’s needs are different; therefore each book is cared for from editing to printing, whilst factoring its needs and facilitating those needs book by book.

Publishing with Finder Publications means you are not locked into any unnecessary deals, with us you retain creative control of your book and also keep the rights to your written or artistic work; after all, it is “your” book, we are here to help take your dreams through to fruition.

Finder Publications operates an open submissions policy, we welcome unsolicited work of any genre direct from writers or through literary agents. We also publish multilingual books. This is to aid language development in bilingual families and promote the value of learning and using multiple languages.

Now that you have done the hard work of writing an entire book, don’t hold back, the next move is yours. Send in your enquiry, we look forward to working with you.

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I Can’t Speak Yorùbá

Olasubomi Akeju

Mummy Look at Me

Wordë Weaver

Run Spot Run

Wordë Weaver


Olasubomi Akeju

And After That?

Wordë Weaver


I Can’t Speak Yorùbá

By Olasubomi Akeju

I can’t speak Yoruba is the first in a series of books aimed at speakers and learners of the Yoruba Language. It is a clever story that aims to teach children how to speak Yoruba, a native language of Nigeria. Through this unique learning experience, children are introduced to simple Yoruba words that will teach them about the body. With fun and interactive activity pages and illustrations, designed to engage readers as they learn, “I Can’t Speak Yoruba” hopes to achieve this and help keep the Yoruba Language alive at home and in diaspora.
Other Nigerian languages to follow soon are; Igbo and Hausa.


Qur’an and Me

A journey to Deep Thinking and Reflection

By Paradise Pearls

Qur’an and Me is a reflective journal that encompasses all forms of Islamic meditation, self-awareness and self-development. It is called ‘a reflective journal’ because the free flow writing style enables you to explore your thoughts and feelings on verses of Qur’an. It is ‘a treasure chest of reminders’ because of the carefully selected quotes and hadiths that relates to one’s personal development. These are considered in light of tests, trials, distractions etc, in today’s world, and the absolute need for inner peace. It is called a journey to deep thinking, reflection and ‘contemplation’ because one takes lessons from the “catchy tips & Gems” in the Journal and apply them elsewhere! Qur’an and Me Journal, repeatedly examines different verses that will support you on your quest for self exploration and reflections on verses of the Qur’an. It is what you need to teach yourself a better understanding of the Qur’an and to be among the “men and women of understanding”. This is a stepwise approach to establishing a personal relationship and a connection with the Qur’an. Indeed, this really is about ‘Qur’an and Me.”


An Affluent Heart

By Aisha Dahiru Atta

An Affluent Heart is a collection of stirring and thought-provoking personal du’ā for women and men at any stage of marriage – single, newlywed, veteran, divorced yet open to a fresh start- there’s something in the book for everyone. It is simple and unique; intimate in the way it speaks to anyone wanting a relationship most pleasing to Allāh. Marriage is a blessing from Allāh and since He designed it in the first place, it is natural to seek wisdom and guidance from Him. This is a book designed to help couples draw closer to one another as they deepen their connection with Allah. Each supplication draws inspiration from the magnificent names and attributes of Allāh, and collectively compel us to strive for our marriages while challenging us to pray with, and for each other.



By Samiah Oyekan-Ahmed

Born into affluence and privilege, Zainad lived her life as only she sees fit. Now, faced with an unexpected and devastating disarray of her smooth sailing life, she must now re-evaluate her choices and her values, thereby changing her outlook on life.

Through pain and love, she finds her way to a meaningful and more purposeful existence, which leads her on a journey to the greatest battle she will face, the outcome of which depends on her actions, and decisions only she can make.


Levi’s Daughter: And The Preserved Tablet

By Aminah Segi Adeola

A collection of delightful short stories and poems, touching on love, life, death, betrayal, gratitude, creation and more.
Every day, each of our lives are filled with experiences. Some fun, some challenging and some regarded as a rite of passage. Some experiences are fleeting, while some last over a long period. A few odd ones are regarded as the cultural norm and some can be so downright scary, that they could either make or break us, leading us to believe it could not possibly be happening in reality as we begin to wonder, “why me?”
The stories include that of a father’s reaction towards realising his young child was a rascal drinker and had been consuming alcohol secretly, a mother emotionally tortured and torn apart from having to make a choice, which could result in her child being separated from her, and that of a longed-for pregnancy resulting in a strangely appreciated miscarriage. These are just some of the tales Aminah shares in a collection of reflective short stories, which bear life nuggets and experiences that are not peculiar to her alone, but to others who have been through similar or more trying life journeys.
The stories are funny, nostalgic, heartbreakingly honest and empowering. It is hoped that the introspective pieces may help the reader view their life’s experiences from a different and more grateful perspective using The Qur’an and Hadith as guide.


My publisher Radhiya Abiola, has been exceptionally supportive of ‘An Affluent Heart’ before she even saw it. We first met in November 2016 on a retreat in beautiful Yorkshire. She openly shared some of her experiences which had led to her desire to facilitate a platform for women, children and anyone with a story, to share it with the world. She has been consistently patient and humble in the way that she has honoured getting mine out.
Her dedication to tidying and tightening up all aspects of this book has been heart-warming and to be honest, extremely reassuring. She remains a serene and calming presence no matter what the situation and I have come to greatly rely on her advice and gentle guidance. Finding her, has been such a gift (from Al Waajid, The Finder Himself).
Throughout our collaboration to get ‘An Affluent Heart’ published, Radhiya has continued to treat the most minute details of this project with Ihsan, integrity, patience and a generous giving of her time and self whilst, never failing to assure me this book belongs to me and her role is an honour.

While I am honoured to be Finder Publication’s premier debut publication, the greatest thing to have come from this relationship will undoubtedly be the sisterhood we have forged. For that, along with the joy of seeing my book in print, I will remain eternally grateful.

Aisha Dahiru Atta, author of An Affluent Heart…