Our Services


Our aim is to help you through your chosen path to achieving your goals in realising your dreams of publishing your titles. Whilst we endeavour to produce your books in the highest quality, we also make it cost effective, so you can start earning from your hard work right away.

Editorial services

At Finder, we know that your title is a special piece of work that means a lot to you. Therefore, our word-weaving editors do not aim to make drastic changes to your masterpiece, rather, they will proofread your book, highlight any problem issues and suggest alterations for these issues, they will do as much as possible to improve your book before submitting it for publishing.


Finder publications produce traditional hardcover, paperback and eBooks in both colour and black and white. Our eBook designs are compatible with these major e-reader channels; Amazon’s kindle, iBook, Kobo, the Nook by Barnes & Noble, the Be-book Neo, and the Sony Reader.

Design services

At Finder, we have experienced designers who would carry out high-level cover designing and formatting work on your manuscript. The completed design will add valuable quality to your finished book. However, if your book is proof ready for publishing, we can take it from there too.


We offer high standard book production to the best quality possible; we also offer the customer flexibility on the quantities of books required. Our books are professionally finished with various choices of high standard covers, bound and trimmed to perfection. The good news is that we can achieve this in a highly economical way that will not affect the quality of your book or your sales margin whatsoever.



Finder Publications offer basic to fully integrated distribution services. However, though as a self-publishing author, you may have organized ways to self-distribute your books, should you need help, we are able to offer advice and help you as best we can, as it is our joy to help bring your dreams to fruition. So do feel free to ask for advice.


Whilst you are in full control of your book, our marketing tips can help achieve the best campaign tailored to your book, using book-signing events, launching events and Social media which are known to have the ability to help build a strong global customer base.

Trust Fund Titles

What are “TRUST FUND TITLES”? These are inspirational services offered only by Finder Publications. There are two options to publishing via the Trust Fund Titles service

Option One

Through this initiative, Finder Publications offer book titles and ideas for sale. The aim is to choose a title and work with Finder Publications on the book. Upon completion, the book will be yours to set as a trust fund for children or even as a future pension plan.
You can either buy from Finder Publications, the full copyright ownership or pay royalties to Finder Publications for each book sold.
Titles purchased from Finder publications can not be published anywhere else, only Finder Publications Ltd own all time right to publish any titles purchased from them.

Option Two

Perhaps you have an idea for a story but you are struggling to write it, our dedicated word weavers will help bring the book to life, right from the start, to publishing stage. Only Finder Publications Ltd may publish these titles also, with full rights to Finder Publications Ltd.