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Welcome to Finder Bookshelf
The book reader app for Finder Publications books.

The app is both a store for Finder Publications books as well as a book reader for consuming the books.

Features include:

  • Simple, but elegant design.
  • Clean interface for easy book discovery.
  • Detailed book description.
  • Easy-to-follow guide.
  • Read the books in either interactive Live mode or Book Mode.
  • Horizontal or vertical page scrolling.
  • Now available in the AppStore.
Finder Bookshelf iPhone
Finder Bookshelf iPad

Introducing the
I-Can’t-Speak Series.

The I-Can’t-Speak series are books that aim to teach children how to speak 3 Nigerian languages – Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo – through the medium of story-telling.

The books are interactive and use audio narration of the story so the reader can hear what the language words sound like in addition to seeing how they are spelt. The books also provide dedicated audio buttons for every word introduced on each page so it can be listened to repeatedly for pronunciation practice.